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excited about modern careersThe economy has changed, and many of the most popular jobs that Americans relied upon, like manufacturing, are no longer available. If that wasn't bad enough, years of inflation have outpaced income growth. This means that while one used to be able to support an entire family on a teacher's or postal worker's salary, this is no longer the case for many people.

The situation isn't all bad though. Rather than wishing we could go back to a time where middle-management careers were plentiful, lets look at what is working now, and what kinds of new modern jobs you can get to help you achieve your own version of the American Dream.

I don't know about you - but I'm not really interested in getting that same kind of old boring job that people were doing back in the 70s or 80s. These days there are all kinds of new and exciting career paths that are available to you if you know where to look.

Are you interested in having a lucrative career that is something different than what generations past had available? Well, like I just mentioned, the good news is that you are in luck.

With all of the new technological changes that have been happening, the entrepreneurial opportunities available today are virtually endless.

Are you ready? Do you feel that you deserve to find a satisfying career that will pay well and give you plenty of room for growth in the upcoming years? If so, read on as we will be investigating 3 of the best high paying career paths that you can choose from:

Internet Marketing

One fantastic idea for a modern career choice is to enter the field of Internet marketing. This is actually a broad range of things that you can do involving the Internet. For instance, you may decide to promote products or services through an affiliate marketing relationship. Many of these are quite lucrative and provide you with the ability to make money even when you are engaged in other activities. And as amazing as it may sound, the truth is that many Internet marketers are able to reach incomes as high as 1 million dollars and more per year. If you'd like to learn more about earning a passive income through Internet marketing read the article we've linked to below.

Website Design

A second opportunity you may want to consider is entering the field of website design. This can be an artistic way to contribute to the world around you and to make a mark on it. You will need to learn some basic computer skills like how to code using HTML and all of the other various aspects of creating an attractive and functioning website. However, if you already have art or design skills this may be a good choice because most of that coding stuff can be learned very quickly by taking a free online course. Taking a free course is a great way to get the skills you needs to get started freelancing and making money right away.

That said, getting an actual certification or college degree in website design can be helpful if you want to land a high paying design job with a top company. Many people find that working for a company for a few years gives them a solid base in the industry before branching out on their own to start their own companies.

The great thing about being a designer is that it lets you get in touch with your creative side every day. And there are so many different aspects to putting together a website, that you are pretty much guaranteed that you are not going to get bored by your job!

Computer System Administrator

A third career alternative that is fairly new is that of computer system administrator. These men and women have various duties, including fixing all of the various technical problems that may arise with a companies computer system. As a computer system administrator you are responsible for updating all of the hardware and software in a company on a regular basis. There is a great projected outlook for this career, with thousands of new openings over the next decade for new members of the field. While there is a high degree of responsibility required in this job, the rewards can be substantial. In fact, many system administrators are paid healthy six figure salaries for their efforts.

You should make sure that whatever career path you choose that it is something that you truly find interesting and rewarding. After all, you will be doing this work for many of your waking hours once you are employed.

With a little perseverance each of these choices pays a good wage for the amount of work you put into it, meaning that you will have the financial freedom you deserve!

And get ready, because your training and experience may eventually catapult you into another exciting, related field that you have not even considered or even heard of before.